Where did it go?

I’m a little annoyed at the moment. I went to the store last night in hopes to pick up the September based magazines. My favorite ones are usually on the shelf within the first six days of the month so you could imagine how upset I was when I get to the store and they aren’t there waiting ever so patiently for me to go ahead and pick them up!

I drop about $60 a month on magazines, I know that may seem a little dumb considering the information that’s online but there are just some magazines where it’s exclusive so having them is a good thing. Also note that PC world is $15, so that’s a big chunk out of the budget right there. NONE of my usuals were on the shelf. I did pick up MacWorld because there’s some research that I’m looking into with the new iMac that I figured would be in this issue – I haven’t even cracked the seal yet to find out, honestly.

Guess I have to try another set of stores, hmm?

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