VoIP for Small Business

My main reason for purchasing a cellphone in the past was due to the fact that I didn’t really like any of my clients calling my home number. I considered this to be my business line, so to speak. Spending about $50 a month is growing to be a pain considering the phone doesn’t ring nearly as much now, as it has in the past. So I’ve been looking into a more inexpensive method through VoIP phone systems.

I’m currently using a free program where you can make US based phone calls for free, for a small amount each month you’re given your own phone number so that instead of answering the phone, you’re putting on your headset and going from there. I found it hard to get reception in my office because typical cellphones don’t seem to like to work in-house. I was able to easily get around this with a VoIP based phone. I did some poking around the internet and found a phone that works perfectly for this particular program. So in the end I don’t even have to sit in front of my computer with a head-set on, it’s an actual home-phone kind of a setup that’s pretty light and gets great reception.

I’m starting to love technology more and more!


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