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Over the course of getting this blog back up and running back in January, I found myself doing quite a bit of product reviews on items that I’ve actually tried or I currently own. A few of the articles lately, however, are based on word-of-mouth products that I found to be really cool. But I know that most people are looking for reviews and even just information in general from automotive to zebra’s and everything in between. Today I happened to come across a resource named that gives you information on everything from provillus, hot flashes and cellulite cream – just to name a few.

The point of this site is so that you can read reviews from the people who have actually used the products that you’re interested in. Word of mouth is the best and worst form of advertising. If there is an amazing product out there, that works wonderfully for you then you’re going to find nothing but praise about it on blogs and other websites. The thing I like about this site is if there’s someone out there who DOESN’T like the product, they can easily make their statement known for why they dislike the product.

I’m going to use the iPhone as an example because that was topic of discussion between a few friends and I for quite some time now. A few of them own the phone, I’ve been lucky enough to mess around with the phone to see just what it had to offer – minus what I’d read in the reviews. I have to say that while the three of them absolutely love the phone they own, two of us are standing ground on just how useless it is. Yes, I can understand that people are sick of carrying around bulky iPods, Cellphones and Laptops just to function during the day but I also believe that if you need those products to ‘survive’ daily life then you need more help than just the ability to pay that two year contract on your iPhone.

Now, as someone who’s used the phone I can understand it’s perks. This, however, doesn’t sway my original thought on the phone when I first heard about it, and then seeing images of it were an instant turn off. It’s not that it isn’t an attractive piece of technology. I just see it as a safety hazard. I know, “How could she get to that point?”.

Screens on cell phones have been going defunct for as long as I can remember. Even those who take very good care of their cellphones have had screen problems at one point in time. A key example is Hubby. He was using his mothers cellphone for a while and one day the screen on the phone went completely dead. He was stuck on the interstate and even with a dead screen he was able to call for help. Why? Because the ability to dial wasn’t heavily dependent upon the screen. People have been dialing for years without having to read the caller ID, so having a cellphone where the screen doesn’t show up isn’t really that big of a deal. The iPhone depends on just its screen. What happens if your car breaks down in the middle of no where. You have a cellphone (which I personally believe should be used for emergencies only) but since your iPhone screen is messed up, you’re unable to access the dialing option and now you’re forced to walk X number of miles due to your need for the “next best thing”.

I’m not saying this would actually happen to you, nor would I even wish it upon someone, I’m just taking the route that Apple obviously didn’t. Having the ability to TOUCH something to get it to work makes perfect sense for me. Now that Apple has decided to remove the click-wheel from their iPods, I’ve decided that I’m just going to hold on to my iPod until the day it dies because getting the non-wheel based one is completely out of the question for me.

So if you’re someone with an opinion, no matter how far out there it may be ::raises hand:: head on over to


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