Top 50 Websites – Group 4

Time for another installment of the top 50 websites. Music & Audio related.

Fill up your iPod without iTunes
Lala started life as an Ajax-powered CD-trading state. But now there’s much more to it, including Internet radio stations, user-generated play lists, live shows, and studio sessions. Listen to tracks that other people own, or even put your entire music library up on lala’s servers and listen to it from anywhere. Then buy or trade CDs of the artists you like. The best part? You can sync your lala tunes to your iPod from any web browser.

Share your podcasts with the world
There are lots of ways to record podcasts and upload them to the Internet. But the new Yodio beta helps you do it from your cellphone, letting you report right on the scene. You can attach digital photos to “yodiocards” for your friends and family, create ads for businesses or even make “yodiotours” with photos and audio for each leg of your vacation.

Stream your stuff
Orb lets users access their PC’s files and stream them to any other computer on the Internet. The new version, Orb 2.0, does it all in a single interface through the Web. Broadcast your videos, show your photos, stream your music – or even send it all to your cell phone. Orb uses advanced 128-bit and 256-bit encryption to ensure that your PC media (and other files) remain secure.

Create your own radio station in one click.
Internet radio has evolved from a mess of diverse and obscure stations into a highly personal platform. These three services let you generate custom stations that play only the music you want.
– Bulletproof player with slick interface and huge library.
– Best at helping you discover new music.
– Service now available for sprint phones.
– Can’t play specific tracks or go back to previous track.
– Intelligent A.I. generates smart custom play lists
– Tons of social-networking tools
– Adding music videos to the mix
– Passes your listening habits onto record labels.

– Easy-to-create stations with multiple favorite artists
– Can customize listening by popularity or year
– Portable player should be available soon
– Web-based player takes a while to load


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