Top 50 Websites – Group 3

It’s important to involve yourself in a Social Networking site, the following list completely excludes Myspace. Something I’m very happy about.

Discover New Sites Using Surfers Like You
Just in case you thought the Web wasn’t already enough of a distraction, head over to StumpleUpon and throw caution to the wind. Click the Stumble button find user-recommended sites that corresponds to your preferences and interests. Or, contribute your own opinions. Rate each site to improve the choices for others. Grab the toolbar (there’s one each for Internet Explorer and Firefox), sign up, and jump in.

Wiki with a conscience
Wikipedia has taken some flak for inaccuracies and some instances of character defamation. Citizendium is the brainchild of one of Wikipedia’s founds; it aims to one-up the original by including “gentle expert oversight,” and by requiring contributers to use their real names at all times. Content is sparse, but entries are less erudite and easier to read than Wikiepedia’s ever-growing monstrosities.

Buy stuff from people you know
No longer just the province of the nostalgic, a free classified ad section is now available on Facebook. It differs from craigslist in that you choose to show the ads only to people you know, either as friends or within a “network” of colleagues of high school or college buddies. Facebook Marketplace divides the ads into categories such as Housing, Jobs, a more general For-Sale category, and a service/solicitations category called Other.

Start a sports league
It was easy to put together impromptu games with your friends back in high school. Now that you’re working, will you ever pick up a game of street hockey again? Enter Sportsvite, a social-networking site that puts recreational athletes in contact with one another. Set up games, create local teams, schedule practices and matches, and view it all on shared calendars.

Free online dating
Most dating sites have hefty monthly fees attached, but not this one. Run by just one person, Mingle2 is a new place to meet people and socialize online without the stigma of a traditional dating site or the pressure to add thousands of “friends” as on sites like Myspace. Get on and join, quickly, before all the freaks find it.


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