Top 5 Google Tips

Use the following tips to help make your Google experience so much sweeter!

Advance Your Results
Click Advanced Search on Google’s homepage before running your query. You’ll see a list of options you can use to improve the accuracy of your results, such as searching recently updated sites or those written in a specific language.

Remove The Clutter
Exclude words in results by adding a minus sign right before the word. This can help when you’re searching for a keyword that has multiple uses. For example, Fishing and Phishing are spelled differently, but bus (the computer term) and bus (like Greyhound) are spelled the same. If you wanted bus schedules, bus -computer would be a good term to start with.

Restrict The Domain
Google can deliver results that all come from specific sites, or even entire domains. For example, add “site:edu” at the end of the query to search academic pages only. Or add “” (or any other URL) to restrict your searches to that particular site.

Find That Product Review…Fast!
Can’t make up your mind on which notebook or cellphone to buy? Head to Google, type in the name of a product, add the word “review” at the end, and you’ll bring up dozens of results with the latest reviews, including user reviews at many popular online stores.

Just Hack It
Plunge in deep by using search operators in your queries without having to visit the Advanced Search page. Check Google’s comprehensive and easy-to-read list at for more tips.


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