Tootles to Tmobile!

I’m starting to grow tired of Tmobile at the moment so I’m looking into Sprint phones in hopes that I’ll find something better. Knowing that Sprint is partnered up with Nextel – it’ll also make communicating with my family a lot easier as well, considering they all insist on walkie-talkies for some strange reason.

When I first started looking for cell phones a few years ago, I naturally went with prepaid because of it’s convenience. I felt that having a cellphone was for emergencies only so naturally having just $10 a month (tops) on the phone would more than likely be worth it in the end. Well, since that didn’t work out thanks to people constantly calling me for stupid reasons it was more like $40 and growing towards $50 a month refilling the phone and then I decided that paying monthly would be cheaper in the long run. So I looked around the ‘net and wound up turning my Tmobile prepaid into a Tmobile $30 a month account. Even then I was hit with overages and many other things that just did not make me a happy girl. Why is it that wireless phones are really just proving to not be worth it to me anymore?

The only reason I’ve kept my cellphone is now based on the fact that I’m no longer living in New York and naturally people are calling me even more often than they were in the past. To avoid having the house line ringing off the hook, I just kept the cell. Now I think I’m just going to drop Tmobile – instead of renewing my contract in December – and just move over to Sprint or even directly to Nextel and only have the walkie-talkie option set for the phone. 911 is a free phone call from any pay phone, and even on a pre-paid if you have no minutes left on the phone. So at least I know that in case of a real emergency, I’ll be able to handle myself just fine.

Tootles to Tmobile – that’s all I have to say!


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