I found a pretty interesting site for bloggers that I figured I’d share.

Thoof It’s a new site that houses personalized news called Thoof. When I first heard the name I tried to figure out just how they came up with it. Based on it’s content, to me it seems like a cross between Digg and Blog Carnival – two sites that I really don’t understand that well. The basis of Thoof is you take the articles that you’ve written and share them on this site with the other members. Figure you’re a writer and you want to share some of your best work but never quite knew how, Thoof is the way to go.

Thoof has many web 2.0 elements including article tagging, wiki features and aforementioned recommendation engine. It isn’t an exact clone of any one social news site, but can be considered a competitor to sites like Digg, Netscape and Y Combinator company Reddit.

Thoof users are allowed to edit news submitted by other members. I’m not sure I really like the idea of someone being able to edit a link that I add to the database but in order to make these changes, it needs to get enough votes from the rest of the community. Naturally if you’re submitting a personal entry then I’m sure no real changes are going to be made but if your article is based on current events, world news, politics, etc…I’m sure someone will have something to add if they feel that strongly about it.

It seems to be worth checking out, in my opinion at least.



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