The Wii is here!

The Wii arrived this afternoon and if it weren’t for dead batteries I’d have pictures up. We’ve been playing it for the last few hours and are pretty happy with it. There are a few things that bug me about it though.

It may just be based on the fact that I have to get used to this style of ‘gaming’ but the Wiimote is ultra sensitive. I had some trouble learning to control it at first, that little hand was bouncing all over the screen. I did pretty well in bowling, kicking Sean’s ass a few times and as far as over-all scores I’m about 100 points ahead of him even with the two matches that he’d won. Baseball tired me out to absolutely no end and tennis – I just hate the sport in general but it seemed OK, I don’t know.

We’re heading out to EBGames sometime soon, maybe tonight or tomorrow, and we’re going to pick up the WiiPlay, it’s another game that comes with a Wiimote, this way we don’t have to spend $40 on a stand-alone WiiMote, this is $50 and the site claims the Wiimote is free with the game. I just think the game is only really worth $10, maybe even less, but it’ll give us something more to do. I’ll also be picking up a points card as well, saw a few games that I absolutely need to download…heh.

We’ve moved the PS2 to the bedroom, there wasn’t enough room for it in the office and I’ve been playing the DS a lot at night with Sonic and what-not so I think going back to the original older-styles would be a nice change. Sonic Rush is based on the older-style of Sonic but this doesn’t mean it even compares to what I always found enjoyable in the past.

Any Wii owners have suggestions about games I should check out?


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