The moving continues…

Sean and I are in the process of looking for a home. The loan is being worked on but at the same time we’re not exactly sure as to where we’d like to go. I want to stay on the East Coast but he’s even talking about West Coast depending on what we can find.

PPPWe’ve looked everywhere from Cleveland, Ohio to Charleston SC Real Estate at this point. I’ve spent quite a bit of time on Century21 and came up with a lot of different locations, it’s really just the sake of funding at the moment. However, we’re in a $175,000 price range so I’m sure looking into South Carolina Real Estate would be more than reasonable.

My sisters boyfriend is in South Carolina and he’s been complaining quite a bit about the heat wave lately. He said it was at about 120°F yesterday when you factored in both heat and humidity, I feel horrible for everyone down there at the moment and hope that there’s enough water and shelter to go around because a situation like that must really be hard.

My only issue with what’s available at the moment is that the properties look kind of rinky-dink for my price range. I know that you get what you pay for but location also plays a big role as well. I found a property in Ohio for like $55,000 that’s 4,000 sqft and the cheapest I can find in SC is a 1360sqft ranch style home that was built back in 1974 for the $115,000 range. For a $150,000 loan, that doesn’t leave too much room for improvement for me, you know? I will say that there are some gorgeous homes for sale with them though. If I had the money I’d seriously consider them, that’s for sure.


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