Tees with a twist!

Leave it to me to find another cool site on the ‘net to share with everyone. This one just happens to be called Tees With A Twist

At first I figured this was going to be a run-of-the-mill tshirt shop online that really didn’t have anything interesting. Then I find out that their target audience is Sci Fi & Fantasy fans, horror fans, gamers, geeks, bikers, truckers, goth culture and Wiccans/Pagans. This pulled me in as someone who’s done a lot of reading into Wicca and even admiring the clothing on occasion as well.

They remind me of a tshirthell kind of a website. All of their shirts are typical white writing on black backgrounds. I did find a few of them amusing though. I think my personal favorite is “Keep watching, I might do a trick”. Another one I found funny was “I’m not a 14 year-old girl but I play one on the internet”. There’s a whole series of interesting sayings and what not, worth checking out.


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