Taking it’s toll…

While age comes with knowledge, it also will eventually lead to the lack of mobility. I’m not saying a vegetative state, I’m talking arthritis and anything that’s hard on your joints. My grandparents are slowly falling apart. My grandmother is having trouble moving around, but her legs have been defunct for as long as I can remember. My grandfather is having trouble with his knees as well. The two of them going up and down stairs is not only painful to watch, but is painful for them in general.

Recently, my grandfather had a specialist come in and install a few sets of stairlifts so that they could easily make it up and down all sets of stairs. It didn’t cost them very much because thankfully insurance covered most of it. I guess they aren’t all about wheelchairs anymore, companies out there want to make it easy for you to be independent so they’ve partnered up with companies in order to make this possible for you. They aren’t just for the elderly, these stair lifts are available for any and everyone who has trouble making it up and down stairs – especially those of all ages who are wheelchair bound.

They’re actually pretty stable. A relative of mine is pushing 400 pounds thanks to a thyroid issue and can easily not only fit in the chair (the arms naturally move up and down to accommodate those of all sizes and situations) but he was able to float up and down the stairs without having to worry about something breaking, steel works wonders – let me tell you.

Living so far away from home is proving to be very difficult from me, knowing that both of my grandparents don’t have much time left and that I’m unable to get to them in a timely manor in case of an emergency. My aunt lived with them up until her and her husband purchased their own home to move forward with their family so it’s good to know that my grandparents still have the help they need, even if it’s only a few machines to make life a little easier on them.


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