Still a little busy…

I woke up this morning with the goal of accomplishing everything on my to-do list. This obviously didn’t work out very well because there are so many things going on in my mind at the moment and getting sidetracked just seems to be the only way of handling anything.

The loan situation has got me down, I’m unsure if I’d want everything to be in my name. I have no doubt in my relationship, I think it’s just the whole “I thought this was going to be 50/50” mentality. So instead of working on the loan, I’ve been wondering around the ‘net looking into free debt help so I can figure out just what route to take with Hubby so that he can get his credit cards paid off faster. He’s had an outstanding balance for so long that at this point the only thing really being paid off is the interest rates. His credit score is horrible, I’m sure. So now he’s going to need a serious dosage of credit repair.

My credit score is decent because I was lucky enough to have my father as my financial guidance. I know that sounds strange – but it’s true. I learned to only use the card whenever it’s an emergency and when it comes to big purchases that are things you’re just interested in owning, pay cash. For me a Debit card is the equivalent of using a credit card. I only spend what I have.

If I need a new monitor, for example, I know that with how money is coming in, two days is all I need to have the full amount for one to two new monitors (depending on whether or not I ever configure that dual setup). I’m not about buy now – pay later, but then again I don’t really believe in debt either. I believe it’s unavoidable if you learn to live on a budget and only spend within your means. Some people can’t do that, and all I can do is feel bad that they didn’t have someone teach them from an early age how to accomplish such things.


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