Soon to be traveling…

I’m marking off the days until I head back up to New York to visit the family. At this point in time, Christmas seems to be the only time I’ll be able to get up there. I don’t want to wait that long but when you’re as busy as I am, you really can’t afford to take a week off without things going haywire!

I plan on bringing Bella back up to NY with me, because again – I don’t know how long I’ll be gone and I’m fully aware of her attachment issues. It’s my own fault though, I’ll admit that. Not only is she spoiled but she’s been with me since day one and hasn’t really been without me for more than 2 days. It was hard when I first moved down to Delaware considering her uneasiness in the car. Unfortunately I didn’t have any kind of dog bags or carriers around so I could keep her confined to just one section. I wanted her to stay in the back seat but she insisted on being up front with me, and in my lap no less. I wound up in the back with her at one point while Sean drove just so we could keep her in one place. I understand she’s a lap dog but when it comes to a 5 hour car ride, you really can’t have her in the front seat the entire way. She may only be 15 pounds but that feels like dead weight after a while, you know?

I just hope it turns out better this time than it did the last time. I may wind up taking a trip to the local pet store first and coming up with some kind of a solution. I do know there’s one that blocks the dog from climbing up to the front seat, I’m not sure if a cage will be the best solution. She’s NEVER liked cages, not one bit.


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