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RIM BlackBerry Curve

Part e-mail workhorse, part multimedia maven, the Curve gives you just about everything you need from a smart phone in a very slim design, making it our current favorite. The difference between the Curve and other BlackBerrys is that it goes further with multimedia-music, photos, and video playback. You get a two-megapixel camera that takes sharp pictures, plus Roxio-powered software for transferring music, photos, and vdeos from your PC to this fun-loving messaging device.

RIM also did a nice job with the design. The Curve, is, well, curvy, with rounded edges and a slimmer profile than many of it’s siblings, plus a trackball for easy navigation. We also like the relatively roomy keyboard and the 2.5-inch, 320×240 pixel display. What hasn’t changed is the BlackBerry’s fast Web-surfing preformance, reliable push e-mail delivery, and a long battery life. There is also data roaming capability in 125 countries, and roaming voice in more than 190 countries. You simply won’t find a better smart phone.

$199 (with a two year contract and after rebate) ;


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