My aunt-in-law’s son isn’t exactly the brightest of children. He’s kind of clutzy but that’s stemmed back to a mental disease. In wanting to treat him like a normal child she allows him to partake in just about anything his mind wants to do.

PPPI once heard a story about how he hopped on a skateboard and then a few moments later he graciously wound up on his butt in the bush. No one really knows what happened, one minute all was well and then the next moment his older brother comes back to the house and goes on to say that his brother was in the bush with the monkey’s. He wound up breaking his arm and no amount of padding could have avoided that one based on how brittle his bones are, yet again another disorder that’s just shocking for a 13 year-old boy.

Another friend of mine is an avid skateboarder, she owns more brands than I’ve ever heard of. I asked her about it today when I caught her online and she said that she owned zero skateboards. I asked her why she owned none but still had so many, she went on to tell me that zero is the brand name. Shocking to me because a name like that makes me think that there’s nothing there. She then continued to say element skateboards and she also has one called curly grrlz or something like that.

We continued onto other ventures but I sat here wondering just how I would experience a skateboard and I have to tell you, it more than likely wouldn’t be very pretty. Not only do I lack the coordination required to even get on one of these things, I would also have been face-first in the bush to join my little buddy.


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