Scrapbookers Dream!

I’m sure this topic isn’t limited to those in the scrapbooking world, but I honestly don’t know of a larger group of people who enjoy taking photography to such a personal level. Today I came across a resource that can easily turn your most prized photos into Photo Blankets. I know I’ve seen things like this before but I never actually thought that I’d be able to accomplish it with a photo of Sean and I or even turn Bella’s bed into her own personalized blanket, instead of the Princess one she sleeps on.

Now, you aren’t limited – by any means – to just one photo. You can send in as many as you’d like and Vision Bedding will then turn it into a personalized blanket for you. Now, the reason I’m thinking scrapbooking right now is based on the fact that I’m thumbing through the May/June 2007 Scrapbooks ETC. by Homes & Gardens. I came across a few submitted works that were so interesting, they actually inspired me in the digital world for an upcoming template with a new client. So now I’m thinking, why not take something you’ve already created (digital or physical) and then send it over to this company and not only will your favorite scrapbooking page be in your album but you’ll also have Personal Picture Afghans and blankets through out the house.

LoudLaunch Now, I know it’s kind of tacky to have too much of something but there are just some moments that are worth holding onto and naturally a picture is going to do it. Unfortunately, if they aren’t well taken care of, pictures tend to either fade with time or begin to crinkle and rip as well. Take your favorite photos to someone who can make Picture Afghans and now you’ll not only have the warmth of the memory, but it’ll keep your toes cozy as well on those long Winter nights.


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