Saving a little money here and there

I do quite a bit of shopping, especially online. I know someone is saying “Well, why don’t you stop?”, it’s quite simple really. Everything I tend to buy is for the sake of business. Computer parts, programs and the occasional coffee to keep me awake while I’m working.

There are many favorite stores that I tend to stick with because they’ve never steered me wrong in the past, I’m also someone who uses quite a few discount codes so that I can get the best deals with the money I’m spending. Take Staples for example, using Staples coupon codes, I’ve saved over $200 in the month on products that I use on regular basis. This includes everything from printer paper and ink to mouse pads and especially batteries for my digital camera since I use it so often. I just recently invested in a rechargeable set and boy has that saved me quite a bit of money. I never would have known that it was even on sale if it weren’t for the ability to use these codes.

I think it’s important for anyone to realize that with the economy being the way it currently is that you learn to save money wherever you can. Yes, a few dollars here and there really may not seem like much but figure I’ve spent about $200 in the last month using coupon codes. This all adds up to the point that I now have an extra $200 towards my future iMac purchase.

Deal Locker A new site that I recently came across is They have a database that offers free online coupon codes on categories from beauty to travel and many other topics in between. I’ve used them for a purchase I made this evening and that just means more money saved on my part! A few of their featured coupon codes are for Target, Dell, Old Navy, Victoria’s Secret and even Papa Johns, talk about a variety, right? Check them out – you’ll be glad you did.


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