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For years, it’s been shoved down your throat that the only way you’re really going to make any money on eBay is if you go out and purchase the “how-to” kit being sold by top eBay sellers. I don’t remember his name offhand but I know that his infomercial is on almost every night on lord knows how many channels. Just another reason why I stopped watching television. The following article is exactly what it sounds like, I’m telling you flat out: Don’t pay for eBay selling tools!

As someone who’s made some decent money off eBay (without someone’s book or DVD’s) I can tell you right off the bat that the only thing you truly NEED to know how to do is log into an account with a user name and password, and then fill out some small information here and there and your product is automatically listed. Trust me, you don’t need to have a professional eBay template from the get-go. Start earning some money for things found around the house and then work on the templates later on, if they truly are of interest to you. Now, naturally I started out with a simple template because of my design background, but eBay’s template listings are based on simple HTML and in the future I do plan on offering a few free ones. If you really want to get ‘classy’ then you can hire someone to do an entire flash based template so your images morph in and out if you’re unable to find a free one.

So where is this coming from? I came across a blog today where the owner was going on and on about how wonderful this new program she bought was, and even though she hadn’t sold ANYTHING on eBay (at this point in time) she’s confident that with this particular program she’ll make quite a bit of money. Now, there’s nothing wrong with being optimistic but at the same time, it’s important to get a clue.

Another site I came across was The Auction Software Review, it’s a completely free site that helps you out with the eBay world. They aren’t telling you to buy selling tools. They give you resources to everything from buying to selling, advertising, and other strategies in between. They’re more than likely worth checking out.


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