Safety Precautions

Safety is an important part of daily life, more so with seniors due what age can do to the body. A simple slip and fall, the vulnerability that comes with being forgetful, and many other reasons that are on a list just too long to properly write up. I can say that a friend of mine works for a call center where you can’t help but feel absolutely horrible for everyone who calls in. Some will hit their help button and not realize what’s just happened, others know they were making the call but by the time the operator picked up the line they’d already forgotten what’s going on.

I’m unsure of which company she works for directly but I do know of another one named Direct Alert. They’re a wireless two-way home Emergency Response System that relies on two main components – a control panel and a personal help button. Think of it as another way of placing that 911 call. If you’re unable to actually get to the phone for help, you can push a button and within minutes a unit will be at your home to assist you in any possible way that they can. I think a system like this would be valuable to any home, even if you aren’t a senior, especially with burglary on the rise.

Another safety precaution that I think is valuable is the medical alert bracelet. These bracelets can list everything from your severe medical conditions to your allergies in case of an emergency. I know that there are certain medications that I can’t be issued due to a very severe allergy to the sea. Even remnants of fish can cause me to break out in hives, so floating around in the ocean just isn’t appealing to me. Because of the severity of this allergy, I do actually own a medical alert bracelet that lists my allergies. It only cost me about $20 but I know if, god forbid, something happens to me. I’ll be getting the best treatment available.


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