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As an avid poker player, I found myself being instantly drawn to this site. Not only do they offer you the poker basics for beginners but there’s also a section for must-know poker tips that I think even professionals could use. When first loading the site I was drawn to their opening statement:

Poker – It takes just a moment to learn, but a lifetime to master. Why not allow the professionals of PokerLogic to show you how it’s done? Learn the ins and outs of the game that’s gaining popularity, both in Vegas and online!

This is what drew me in, I knew that this site was going to be a valuable resource for all things poker. After searching through their website I came across a section for Promotions. They give you a list of all types of bonus proposals and current promotions that are offered to any visitor of major online poker rooms. Each site listed also has a detailed review of the site. From there you can decide which site to choose based on your own personal preferences. Not everyone can put $600 down to play on sites like but this doesn’t mean that going for the lesser $50 at would be more valuable to you. In some instances you’d wind up spending much more on the lesser sites than you would on the larger one. This, again, is stemmed back to your skill level and just how far you’re willing to go with your online gaming.


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