Review: Paint Your Life

While I consider myself to be a jack-of-all-trades, the one hobby that I hold nearest and dearest to my heart has always been art.

For many years I’ve had little paint sets here and there but never truly went the extra mile to come up with something spectacular. Most of my work never made it past my bedroom wall, and that’s only because it wasn’t even worth having on the fridge in the kitchen, even when I was younger and parents are proud of horrible finger paintings from their children.

PPP PPP Today I came across a website called Pain Your Life, they do everything from family to pet portraits and I have to say they do an absolutely beautiful job as well. Looking through their site (naturally I went to the pet section first) they managed to take images that weren’t of the best quality and turn them into gorgeous oil paintings that an animal lover can only dream of when it comes to their pet. I know that somewhere on my hard drive I have numerous photos of Bella that would be gorgeous as an oil painting, I’m just not sure I’d ever be able to actually afford one. Through this site, however, I’ve found out that I can get a fairly decent sized image painted of her for about $300, which isn’t too bad it’s just out of my current price range.

I floated around the site for about a half hour, looking through all of the images made me feel as though I was in a gallery. I’ve literally been blow away by these artists though, I’ll tell you that much. There’s a section of the site where they give you a full break down of how things will be done from start to finish. Some of their oil techniques are so realistic you don’t even know they’re painted. The one woman they feature on the page as an example looks as though the photo was uploaded to Photoshop and just air-brushed but it wasn’t and that just blows my mind. The final portrait is magazine quality, in my book. The detail going into these images is just too gorgeous to look past.

I came across a video about them on YouTube, I figured I’d share that as well.

I thought it was pretty cute. It starts off with how the couple met and then fast-forwards to years later where the grandson (I assume) is showing them the painted version of their first ever picture together. They turned such a tiny little framed image into a gorgeous painting that’s almost taller than the child holding it up for them. It’s just so sweet.


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