For the past six months I’ve been on a pretty intense weight loss regime that I’m finding to be nothing more than life altering.

I know this really has nothing to do with business or technology, but in the end this is a personal website of mine and dropping 40 pounds in the last 4 months has really been nothing short of amazing for me. I’ve been a big girl for basically my entire life. I was always the fat girl growing up, this is something that many people have known about me for years. I never tried to convince myself that I was smaller than I was but at he same time I wasn’t living with the mentality that “being fat is OK”. It’s not OK, it’s never OK. Yes, being stick thin is more than revolting to me but being over 200 pounds isn’t exactly appealing, either.

Today I came across a website called Their opening motto is WEIGHT LOSS LONGEVITY FITNESS – Healthy fitness for lasting weight loss. As someone who’s been on every diet under the sun, I know how hard it is for someone to really find something that works for them. For me, it was a simple thing to figure out once I’d spend thousands of dollars on things that didn’t work. The basics to any weight-loss is eat better and exercise more, don’t spend a vast amount of money on things that aren’t going to work for you. That’s why so many diets fail for many people. They just don’t know how to balance things out properly.

Portion control and exercise, that’s how I’m doing it. Instead of soda I’m drinking only water and if I’m in the mood for some kind of flavor I have my trusty crystal-light packets readily available. Something I found interesting on this site was an article about how weight-loss can be triggered by low-dose alcohol and weight-gain can be triggered from high-dose alcohol. This is something I never actually made the connection to but thanks to this site I’ve come across new weight-loss related articles that I find to be rather appealing. Their “Rule of Thumb” goes on to say: 1/2 Martini is good. 1 Full martini is bad. Which, for me, stems right back to portion control.

Not a bad tip though, eh?


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