Resources: My Wicked Lingerie

Attention: The following post is of a semi-graphic nature, please do not click any links if you are offended by scantly-clad models.

I found a new site that I figured was worth pushing onto my female readers. I’m sure the men will equally be interested, but it’s the women who actually wear this stuff. If you’re a female who’s into sexy lingerie, then this is more than likely the new resource for you.

There are a range of styles for you to choose from on You can choose between everything from erotic lingerie to the more trashy lingerie, whichever is your personal style. I found the site to be rather interesting considering one of the first few links on the sidebar pointed me directly to the Plus-Sized section of the website. I made it a point to swing my monitor around so that Hubby couldn’t catch a glimpse of what I was looking at, mainly because I don’t need him drooling over women that he could never get.

I poked through the site and found a few cute things, I’m more of the shy kind of person when it comes to my body so naturally I looked towards the outfits that covered you up a bit more. I did find a fairly cute satin dress that was only about $26 which is a rare find for plus size clothing. I’ve always been convinced that more fabric equals more money, this is how the skinny ones can purchase say three shirts that total the same price of your one “just barely fits right” purchase at your local boutique.

Either way, I think they’re a fairly decent site and would recommend them to anyone, large or small, if you’re looking for something sexy to share with your significant other – or even to just walk around the house in (you know who you are) than this would be a great site for you.


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