Resource: Website Advertising

If you’re someone who’s interested in different forms of Website Advertising, than I may have found a company for you.

Dclickads is a new advertising network for both webmasters to increase advertising revenue and publishers to increase traffic and clisk. They offer the ability for websites to buy and sell text link ads, graphic banner ads, and embedded inline ads. I’ve dealt with an advertising company in the past and was unlucky enough to have ads that would display just as the page loaded and they weren’t little ads on the sidebar where I’d originally placed them, they were full page ads that covered my entire template and in return, I lost visitors.

There are many different website revenue programs out there, part of me wants to believe that this site is going to go pretty far. Looking at a few websites in their network, I found that they were advertising with smaller companies which is a nice change from the Google based ads that I’ve gotten to the point of blocking Firefox from even loading them. I think when it comes down to it all internet advertising is the same, it’s just how you go about marketing it in the long run.

I do wish this company loads of luck with their venture, maybe I’ll even consider signing up for them in the future to bring in some extra money. Design work at the moment is bringing in more than enough though so I may wait until things slow down, that would typically happen around October, not sure why either; may web designers have the same problem.


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