Power Supply Repair

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The following review is based on ASC Industrial – power supply repair.

The initial load of the site shows me that this company focuses on industrial and commercial grade equipment. When I think power supply I instantly think computers, not realizing just how many different kinds of power sources there are. This company claims to preform reliable power supply repairs For HVPS (High Voltage Power Supplies), AC, DC, Regulated, Linear, Switching, Industrial & Laboratory Power Supplies. You can choose from any of their services listed on the sidebar, some of which I didn’t even think COULD be fixed, honestly. They don’t limit themselves to power supplies, the also can maintenance CRT and LCD monitors including touch screen monitors as well.

I know it’s possible to fix anything that has been built so the section that called to me the most really was in regards to Touch Screen Repair. A running theme with them is that they offer a no-charge evaluation of the repairs they’ll need to perform. When it comes to something important being broken, I don’t typically shop around for the best deal but it’s good to know that with a company like this, you have the ability to know what you’re getting before any steps have been made. They also make it a point to say that even if the manufacturer of your monitor isn’t on their list, they can more than likely repair it for you. You just have to call and speak to one of their specialists.

I personally wonder what they would charge to fix my laptop monitor, there’s a nasty scratch on it and since my warrenty didn’t cover it I had to put it’s repairs on hold. HP wants to charge me $500 to fix the screen, I only spent $1100 on the laptop so paying almost half just for the monitor really isn’t worth it to me, especially considering it’s two years old and is probably only WORTH $500 in the end. Maybe I’ll shoot over an email with a picture of my screen and see what they can do for me.


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