Plastic Surgery Resources

These are just a few interesting links that I figured I’d share.

While I’m not someone who’s really into the idea of plastic surgery, I am someone that reads into almost every topic that comes past me, so naturally when I hear something about los angeles breast implants, I’m loading Google to find out more information on the subject.

I came across two blogs that are dedicated to the Plastic Surgery field. They are the cosmetic surgery blog housed on LiveJournal and plastic surgery news housed on ClearBlogs. Both of which were pretty interesting reads for me, honestly. It gives you an insight into the surgery through the doctors eyes, and not just what you’ve seen on the news or read on a random article you found in a magazine. It’s not even based on customers themselves. It’s great to have a testimonial and all but if someone is going to be slicing, sawing or even chipping into me – I’d like to hear things from their standpoint and resources like the ones I just listed are more than likely going to be valuable ones down the road.

I’ve been overweight for my entire life and while I’m down 30 pounds from when I started back in April, I’ve noticed that my skin just isn’t bouncing back the way it really should. Because of this I have considered possibly getting a tummy tuck after I get all of the weight removed the healthy way. My apologies if I happen to offend any doctors but I don’t quite see “healthy” as being put to sleep for a little while and sliced open – you know? I’m doing the portion control, the exercise and cutting way down on my two-packs-a-day. I figure by the time I reach my goal weight I’ll get more into toning and tightening. Knowing that I don’t have the elasticity, naturally I’m not going to need to take some kind of drastic measures to get it to where I want it. Reading into blogs where I can find everything about the procedure, straight to the recovery is something I do intend to keep in my bookmarks for quite some time.


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