Top 50 Websites – Group 5

This time, we’re talking Video!

Throw out your TV
Tired of watching clips of a cat flushing a toilet? Joost combines network TV-from channels like Comedy Central, MTV and National Geographic-with many more Internet-based feeds. It could be your one-stop shop for television, if it weren’t for overwhelming server traffic (Joost is working on it). New to the site is content from CNN, Hasbro, NHL and Sony Pictures.

With Google having acquired YouTube, Metacafe is once again the largest independent video site on the Web. And unlike YouTube, Metacafe is positioning itself as a destination rather than a sharing site, delivering smaller amounts of high-quality video through an all-Web interface. A new mobile version lets you watch videos on compatible Nokia phones.

Edit Videos Without Software
YouTube is great for uploading videos you’ve already finished. But JumpCut lets you create, edit and mix videos online, even by grabbing parts of other people’s clips and making them your own. You can then publish your creations for the entire community to see. A single click on the Remix button lets you start modifying another person’s movie.

Laugh your ass off
Get your comedy fix with Black20, a scrappy Brooklyn-based independent studio and portal hybrid that creates comedy shows targeted at younger audiences. Programming includes a fake documentary series called The Middle Show, a pseudo-newscast called Black20 News, and our favorite, the office comedy net_work. The best part? They’re actually funny.

Create your own video product reviews…and get paid for it
We get paid for playing with cool tech toys, and now you can too. Set up your camcorder, find some good lighting, record your video review, and upload it to Expo TV. Then get some money: $5 for creating it (if it’s accepted) and one cent for every play. Payments come via PayPal, and the player works in IE or Firefox, but not Safari.


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