New Site: Tobi

Today I came across Tobi, they’re an online fashion boutique and I have to say, they’re pretty interesting. They have a wide variety of styles and trends using all fabrics from from acrylic to velvet clothing. They also offer cosmetics, handbands and jewelry to make that extra perfect outfit for you.

I’m not a big fan of velvet clothing, I’ll say that from the get go. I find it to be too warm and not quite ‘airy’ enough to enjoy the wonderful chilled breezes that Fall has to offer for you. Right now their site displays many different fall based trends, warmth is obviously important to many people but it’s not overly important to me considering I can handle 10* weather in shorts, as long as my toes are warm. I’m also an interesting person in general when it comes to weather so lets just move along.

When I was finally able to get through all of the velvet clothing that they proudly offer, I found some very interesting pieces on the site that caught my eye. I’m all about comfy clothing, most of the trends they have out these days really make me wonder who let these designers have a sewing machine, but that’s besides the point. Unfortunately none of the clothing available is in my size but knowing that knock-offs are available in all sizes I know I’ll be able to get the same kind of style without the price tag attached to it. considers themselves to be the next generation in online shopping boutique experience. You can find the latest fashions and even speak to an online stylist to help you choose what’s best for you. Kind of like having a personal stylist, you just don’t need to send them over to the store. They know about their products and can more than likely give you the best ideas for your body type. And knowing many women in the world put so much effort into their clothing – I think this site would be worth it for you.


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