New Site: My Writers Circle

PPPIt’s not hard for me to find new and interesting sites that keep me entertained. Today I came across one that started up in 2005 and has a little over four thousand members, it’s called writers circle and their database includes members from all over the world. I thought this was going to be another fan fiction kind of a website, but it’s actually a completely different take on networking – if you ask me. You share your writing through the forums.

Sometimes being involved in writing sites can be hard on not only you, but the visitors as well. Typically members will stick to one category because that’s what they write for but it’s hard for those of us who like many different writing styles to surf a massive database and weed out the articles we’re uninterested in. Having it setup in a forum option gives all users a chance of having their pieces read by honest and friendly people without any predetermined category above their head.

I personally think for a site this large, they could consider some web-styling but that’s the designer in me. I’m a horrible writer so even signing up for the writers circle just wouldn’t do very much for me at all but it’s nice to be able to poke through the up-and-comer’s and read what they have to say.


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