New Marketing Strategies

There’s a whole new form of Marketing that some people just aren’t aware of.

You’re in a club listening to a really cool bad. An announcement comes over the loud speaker that the owner is giving away a freebie to one person that sends in a text message to the club including a specific keyword in the next 10 minutes. Everyone in the club grabs their phones and sends over messages. After a few minutes, the winner gets a message telling him/her that they’ve won the prize.

Now the owner has hundreds of people in this massive SMS database. From there, if they choose to accept it naturally, you can send messages to them about your business. So say they haven’t been to the club in over a month but there are cool new features going on with the club that you want to share with past customers. You can now send a mass-SMS to everyone in your database and they can all be updated on what’s going on. Mobile Marketing is becoming very popular in every scene, not just bar scenes. Millions of people around the world are tapped into databases where you can get everything from coupons to deals at local stores/clubs or you can even text-to-win for local TV stations giving things away. The possibilities are endless.

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