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I splurged a little bit on a $13.00 magazine that I thought was pretty interesting.

I’m someone who likes to read into many different things. Something I’ve noted here on numerous occasions. A few years ago I read an article on scrapbooking and since then I’ve really just wanted to start on something big. I didn’t have anything in my life, at the time, that I felt was special enough to deserve being documented. Now that I’m with Sean and just moving ahead with my life in ways that I’d never dreamed of before, naturally I’m going to bring myself back to the scrapbooking state of mind – so to speak. So I picked up BHG Scrapbooking, again at $13 it’s a splurge but it’s also more than worth it because at the moment I’m working for a client that’s looking for a baby themed template and I’m completely at a loss at where to take it. Some of the pictures in here inspire me in so many ways it’s unreal. I already have a color scheme picked out but I do need to actually get some kind of a design together as well and based on the template she sent over as an example, I want to believe it’s going to come out pretty nice.

This also reminds me, I have to get my butt in gear on getting the new templates up here so I can get those out, finally. I’ve only been working on doing something like this for god knows how many years now. Now that I have two pretty solid templates, it should be easy to just upload them and then go from there. You don’t need to have 200 different themes in a database in order to be successful. I’ve come across sites that are doing pretty well with their themes and they only offer 3-5 really good ones. I guess that’s just a goal to look towards, huh?


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