New downloadable PC and Mac games

I’m not an avid computer gamer, but I know many people that are. Even my boyfriend is an avid gamer of sorts. I came across a resource that has both PC and Mac games, and he went absolutely crazy over it. is an independent developer of downloadable games for both Windows and Macintosh. He loves all kinds of games, but he is very busy with so many different things that he doesn’t have much time for games. Occasionally he will take a few hours to play Halo, but that is only about once a week. When I found this site, he was happy that he could play games without having to wait long for the games to load, plus he could play and not take much time out of his day, which means a less moody boyfriend, and a much happier Krissy.

Their section of Mac games had me interested, knowing that I’ll be purchasing one in the very near future. On top of that there’s an RPG section and I know my friend Jenny would be rather happy with it considering all of the RPG games that she’s playing on a regular basis.

It’s safe to say that this site is going to do very well considering how many people download games to keep themselves entertained. Whether it be for some down-time during a break or even just when they have nothing else to do but want to remain active in some regard. There’s free trial downloads of many games, but once the trial expires you’re going to have to pay for them. The highest-priced game that I found was in the $20 range, so that means it’s not only fun but affordable as well.


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