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Flying RSS Feeds
You don’t need to use Safari (or another browser) to view RSS feeds in Tiger: You can have them delivered right to your desktop, zipping out from seemingly nowhere. Open the Desktop & Screen Saver utility from the System Preferences menu, select Screen Saver, and choos RSS Visualizer. The effect is both memorizing and informative.

Grab it in PDF
If you want to save a long web document (such as a forum thread) that scrolls to many screens, there’s no need to capture each page as a screen shot individually. Mac OS X lets you easily save to PDF. Just choose File then Print from within your browser window, and click the PDF button to save the PDF. The Web pages will be saved as a single multipage PDF document, and you can even set the page range to get only the pages you want.

Slideshows anytime, anywhere
Whether you’re in Mail, in the Finder, or in a Spotlight search window, if images are present and selected, Mac OS X will present a Slideshow icon, button, or menu choice, so there’s no need to manually open each image. In Mail, for example, simply click the Slideshow button in the message header. In the Finder, select the folder or images you want to view, then hold down the Ctrl key as you select one and then scroll to the Slideshow choice on the pop-up menu. In a Spotlight search, choose Show All (or select certain images), and hit the Play button.

Use Special Characters
Mac OS X makes it easy to find special characters via the handy Keyboard Viewer palette. Choose International from the System Preferences menu, click on the Input Menu tab, and check off the Keyboard Viewer choice. To open the Viewer in an app, select it via the flag icon in the menu bar. Then press the key combos (say SHIFT-CTRL), and you’ll see the character a letter or number key will produce.


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