Looks can be deceiving…

For quite some time now I’ve been using the Internet as a pretty great form of income, working for myself is proving to be more difficult as time goes by depending on how good of a month I have. With that, I’ve decided to get back into school so I can earn my Bachelors and get myself a job with someone else’s company. Even with my background, I’m limited as to where I can work considering almost every place I’ve applied to requires some kind of an educational background, so much so that they don’t care very much about life experience at all, I don’t even think companies out of state would accept me at this point, so much for sending an email over to the owners of say California and arizona web design firms.

I narrowed it down to a few schools, based mainly on the fact that I’ve seen commercials for them on TV a few times and even a few reviews I read online were praising of these facilities. However, new resources has me rethinking this completely. I want my Bachelors in web design, and I assumed that the University of Phenoix would be a great place to go. I later find out that while they’re ‘teaching’ web design, there’s an outside source, PrimeView, that’s credited for actually working on their schools site. This has me questioning my enrollment in UoP but that final choice has also been made by another site I used called Rip Off Report.

So while I was easily side-tracked to these new people. I come to find out that this company really isn’t half bad. They cover everything from basic websites to the more advanced search engine optimization. I even took a look at their cool before and after gallery, had me really striving to get myself back on track. I don’t know why but looking at other web design companies always seem to bring me back on track to the point of being inspired to do better with myself so I can afford a nicer apartment, or maybe even a home if the loan ever comes through – heh.


A thirty-something code ninja + web diva. Former New Yorker who's passionate about web development, HTML/CSS, beautifying things and marketing.

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