Life is more enjoyable with perks.

Oh wow, I came across a pretty interesting website today that just revolves around all things BUSINESS.

ePERKS – Giant Perks is an online service marketplace of top local service professionals providing huge incentives to consumers real estate, automotive, home improvement and more. Consumers benefit by having the ability to learn about professionals up front, view their deals and earn huge discounts and perks when they choose to transact. Some perks are 4% off any new car, tvs and other gadgets when you buy a new car, up to 50% cash back with agents, up to 50% discount on home improvement services and more.

So what I took away from this site is the ability to look into professionals before you even consider going through them for the products you need. I like getting cash back on products that I purchase. Considering I’m looking into real estate at the moment I was instantly pulled to this section because it’s just fresh in my mind. I found quite a few listings in regards to realtor’s in the area. I looked around on their own websites for reviews as well. There are some pretty gorgeous homes available – I just can’t afford them at the moment considering how close I live to the beach. However, one of the realtor’s offers a 15.5% cash-back on all of her sales. Some people have received over $2,300 cash-back and additional perks using her services.

It isn’t just for real estate though, you can easily go to other sections looking for everything from contractors to car dealerships. I figured it was cool enough to share.


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