Landscape Architect Directory

Home & Garden fanatics – check this out.

PPPToday I came across a website created by a ‘mad scientists’ on a horse farm in Virginia. The landscape architect directory is an extremely new website that’s looking to gain a lot of exposure from those interested in landscape design. There are currently only 1,900 design firms listed but I’m sure over-time there’s going to be many more. If you’re a landscape architect, feel free to submit your listing.

I come from a long line of construction and landscaping so I found this site to be pretty cool. I love being able to come across different landscape ideas for when I finally get my own home. The lot I’m looking at, at the moment, is 3.12 acres – there’s so much that can be done with that it’s unreal! This site will help me out in the long run, I may even find my landscape designer THROUGH this website if I’m lucky enough.


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