Just bought a digital picture frame!

I’m sure I’ve said something about this before but when a product is just so darn cool it bears repeating.

A few days ago I purchased my very first digital photo frame. I picked up a 10″ model for around $180 because it was on sale and just worth owning. I then came home and loaded up an older SD card with all of my favorite pictures and now it’s sitting on my desk randomly displaying a new image every few seconds. I like the remote that it came with too because I can pause the slideshow whenever there’s a picture I’d like to see up for longer than a few moments. Right now I have it set to a baby picture of my dog because she was just too cute when I first got her to not have her up for long. Yes, she’s sitting on my lap right now but that gives me two cute faces to look at so no complaints here.

I’m going to strongly recommend that if anyone is looking for the latest technology or even just the coolest must-have gadgets then picking up a digital picture frame (that works off your digital cameras memory card) would just be more than worth the money.


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