Joomla Add-Ons: JV-LinkExchanger

I’m looking for Joomla add-ons for a client and happened to come across JV-LinkExchanger.

JV-LinkExchanger is a free, comprehensive and the most powerful manual and automatic reciprocal link and banner exchange component for Joomla 1.0.x powered websites.

Download JV-LinkExchanger for FREE

PPP I’ve designed themes for Joomla and let me tell you, at first this is one of the hardest programs I’ve ever had to work around so when I can come across Joomla Components that make life just a little easier, I tend to pounce on them. While at the moment I don’t have a need for this specific add-on, it doesn’t mean that I won’t need it in the future considering the rise of advertising being done on multiple websites across the internet.

If you’re looking for more information or just a comparison with other components, you can find it at


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