International SIM Cards!

I was finally able to pick up a few magazines. Unfortunately my regular one isn’t out yet for this month but I’m sure I’ll hear something on it soon enough. I did happen to pick one up that’s loaded to the rim with mobile based technology so I did some poking around and came across some interesting things.

International SIM card – This product is great for someone who travels a lot, country to country or even state to state I would assume. It has no roaming charges so you can save 85% compared to taking your mobile abroad. They provide Live international flight information as well as airline, airport and even taxi contacts. This is a great resource to have if your flight happens to be delayed and you need to know the new estimated departure time.

When it comes to owning a cellphone, the roaming charges are what can kill you 99% of the time when it comes to your monthly bill. With all of the technology out there these days, you would assume that there would be more towers to avoid this roaming. With a previous service that I had, my cellphone would be considered “roaming” when I was inside of my own home. How is that possible if I’m in the exact location where the bill is being sent? I wound up getting rid of the phone because of massive bills and only wished that I knew of Ventus Telecom earlier so that I could have avoided that situation completely.

I do plan on going to Europe one day and it will be good to know that I’ll be able to call back to the states when I get myself over there, and not have to worry about an excessive amount of charges being thrown on the bill that’s waiting for me when I get home.


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