Inexpensive and Free Advertising Options

Advertising is a major part of running an Internet business. You need to figure out a way to connect consumers with your product, and in some cases don’t wish to spend millions of dollars on commercials during the superbowl. Now, naturally word of mouth will get someone very far but just for that extra ump, I’ve put together a few inexpensive and free advertising ideas for you.

Flyer’s – This naturally falls under the inexpensive side of advertising. If you’re someone who knows how to work your way around a computer, you don’t even have to hire someone to create unique flyer’s for you. Many computers come with paint programs that offer templates for flyer’s and even ones for kids school projects, but that’s a completely different entry all together. Take your flyer to Staples, or even Kinko’s and have a few of them printed up. Start off with 20, you could even do this at home. Go to your local Super Market and paste it up on the board that’s typically located right outside of the door. Make sure you design it with a few of the vertical tabs that can easily be ripped off, these tabs naturally should house quick information like a website address or contact information in general. It’s free advertising, and trust me when I say it works. Half of my clients when I was first starting out were all local businesses and bands – money in the bank for a $10 investment.

Stickers – I know you’re thinking, how exactly am I going to get stickers? I’m talking in regards to bumper stickers and even window decals. Satisfied clients will gladly place a sticker on their car (if they’re into that kind of thing), family and friends will gladly help you out with your advertising if they believe in what you’re doing and even you can help yourself. Think of how often you travel during the day, how many cars are you sitting behind at a stop light where you find yourself reading their “I have an honors student” kind of bumper sticker? Now think of how many people are behind YOU at a stop light, they aren’t going to read an honors student sticker, they’re going to read a business name that they more than likely won’t forget.

Signatures – Many people have told you in the past to include your website address or business name in the signatures of emails, websites and anywhere else you’re actively posting. Do you have any idea how many hits one person can receive from being involved in say 3 forums online, even if you don’t post that frequently? This would be under the free aspect of advertising, and trust me – it’s also worth it.

Directories/Listings – There are many website directories online, both free and paid. You’re given the option of placing your site in multiple categories and there are hundreds of thousands of these websites on the internet. The majority of which are actually free listings. Through a personal study of my own, I found that more hits came from free listings than they did paid ones. Why? Because no one really wants to PAY for hits, so they flock to the non-paying listings first. This test on an equal amount of paid and free listings proved to me that it was a complete waste of money. Something to consider the next time you consider pulling out the credit card!

I’ve taken almost every step I’ve listed and while I’m by no means a large corporation, as a single income business it’s proven time and time again to be completely worth it.


A thirty-something code ninja + web diva. Former New Yorker who's passionate about web development, HTML/CSS, beautifying things and marketing.

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