Home Woe’s…Foreclosure?

Finding a house is proving to be a lot harder than I thought. I’ve gone through every level of home from Apartment/Condo to Manufactured Housing and just older homes themselves. A running them for a lot of the homes in my lower-end price range is Foreclosure or just Tax Sale properties in general. I don’t like those words, even though they’d be easier on my budget.

PPPI know someone who had to deal with foreclosure and it wasn’t pretty. She was unaware of anything going on around here, and she honestly didn’t believe that her parents had been that far behind in paying the proper bills in order to maintain the home. She inherited the home after the two of them had passed on, losing both of her parents within a 2 month time period was a stressful situation, and to add a foreclosure of the home she was born and raised in (literally) really just didn’t help her very much at all. With all of the resources on the internet, you want to believe you’d find the proper information but even then she just didn’t understand. I just came across GotTrouble.com today and I wish that I’d known about it six months ago.

Remembering that on top of an upcoming home purchase has me even more scared than I was before. I’d finally be living under my own roof, I’d then have my own rules. I’m so used to living under someone else’s roof that having that kind of control is scaring the bejesus out of me. Sure, as of right now I’m doing OK with the rent situation and other bills but who knows what’s going to happen in the future.


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