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With the upcoming purchase of our new home, I’ve been looking through every resource I can find. So much so that I’ve even looked at the resources available for UK loans, even though I more than likely won’t be living in Europe.

A big fall back for us at the moment is the fact that Hubby is in some debt with his credit cards so that’s putting a damper on just how much money we can gain towards our purchase. He’s looking into Debt Consolidation, but I just think coming up with a few grand and not spending money on things he really doesn’t need would more than likely solve the problem, honestly. If you’re working full time it’s really not hard coming up with $2,000 in a month or so. Yes, other bills are obviously factored in here but budgeting yourself properly can make all the difference. This is another reason why I’ve refused, time and time again, to really sit down and consider a credit card with high interest rates. I have a credit card, it’s attached right to my bank account. Yes, it’s a Debit in the end but it has Master Card written on it and that’s more than good enough for me. I know I’m not paying interest rates when things are instantly being paid for – you know? I’m lucky he’s not to the point of having to look into an IVA proposal though. His bills aren’t so high to the point that he’s just scrapping by on payments.

So for the most part, since my credit score is as good as it is – we’re just going to do things under my name for the time being. It’s strange though, we figured “Okay, get the loan buy the home” there’s just so much more to factor in that we stupidly didn’t realize in the very beginning. All I can really do at this point is keep on my toes with work and push as hard as I can to get everything accomplished in a timely manor to bring that budget to a reasonable level – with money to spare at the end of the month in case we want to just go away on vacation or something, you know?


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