Home Improvement

I came across a website based on a company that does Home Improvements and I have to say, I found them rather interesting.

This company, Anglian, has been around since the mid-60’s and is recommended by almost all of their customers to other family members and friends alike. A question on their site lists “How did they do it?” and the bolded response is “one customer at a time”. That’s what I would consider to be good business, hence the reason I’m bringing it up. Now, I don’t know the first thing about construction, remodeling or even what a Conservatory is but this doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t ask and something about the feel of this company tells me that I could ask and not get the “Ha, typical woman” kind of a look.

I think when it comes to my own house I may look into a company like Anglian, considering I doubt they’d travel all the way over here unless I was LOADED hah.


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