Has someone ever sent you flowers?

Every woman should know that romance isn’t dead, so when your significant other does something sweet for you then you shouldn’t be so taken back by it.

PPP For years, men have gone out of their way to impress women when in actuality, the ones that stand out the most are the ones who do simple little things for you. Take a flowers delivery for example. You aren’t expecting to open your door and seeing a gorgeous bouquet of roses or tulips, daisy’s with baby’s breath or whatever pretty combination can be put together. You aren’t expecting that sweet card either.

Women are convinced that men do nothing for them anymore, and living in the technological age I can understand why they’d feel that way. High-Def video games and new gadgets to keep yourself occupied do cause men to kind of veer off sometimes. This doesn’t mean they don’t still love you, and even if they only send flowers once in a while to let you know they’re still thinking about you while they’re playing with their toys or even just working long hours – getting off their case about it wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

Yes, I’m a woman and I think this way. My fiance is nothing more than sweet to me when it comes to things like this and he works just as many hours as I do during the day. Sure, we could spend some cuddle time on the couch at night if he wasn’t floating around XBox but everyone relaxes in a different way.

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