Go, Go Gadgets! (And Widgets!)

The add-ons that truly deserve a place on your Vista desktop.

Vista Sidebar Gadgets

Local Gas Prices
About to head home from the office and need to fill ‘er up? This little tool gives you the latest gas prices within a ZIP code that lets you then click open to a list of specific stations, their addresses and prices on all grades. Can we get maps next?

CallWave SMS
There’s no need to flip your phone and eat into your text-messaging allowance when CallWave lets you send an SMS right from the desktop. This gadget can import contacts and even maintain records of your messages online.

Magic Folder
When you drag and drop files into this Sidebar folder icon, the gadget will automatically file it in folders you can designate for various file extensions. It’s like having a robot servant doing the filing for you.

U.K. Radio Player
Until we see a more robust U.S. radio player for the Sidebar, this is about the best gadget for enjoying a wide selection of life audio from the desktop. The dozens of talk, oldies, and contemporary stations offer a variety of content, and the presets and skin options let you customize your Vista radio.

Ultimate Explorer
Fans of Amazon, digg, eBay, Wikipedia, and YouTube are forever opening their browsers to check these favorites, and this gadget lets you search them from the Sidebar. In many cases, the results also pop up in the gadgets itself. Google and Yahoo are here as well, and you can set results options.


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