Go, Go Gadgets! (And Widgets!)

The add-ons that truly deserve a place on your Mac OS X Desktop!

Mac Dashboard Widgets

Egg Timer 2
Don’t be deceived by the simplicity of this cute alarm. How many times have you forgotten to make that call back you promised in five minutes? Flip this egg over to set up to a 99-minute countdown for the desktop and keep tabs on your most important tasks.

Flight Tracker
Road warriors will find one of their most valuable tools in this little widget. Plug in arrival and departure cities and you’ll get a list of scheduled flights, which is great for making last-minute plans. When you click on a current flight, the map zooms in to show the flight path and any delay times.

Sure, everyone puts a search bar on their Dashboard, but a more direct route to the information you probably need three or four times a day is the Wikipedia widget. It pulls the information you’re looking for straight into its expandable window without loading the browser. It even lets you enter Edit mode to directly participate in improving the world’s largest encyclopedia.

This widget is for obsessive news hounds or just social networkers who want to know when someone has posted something new to his or her blog or profile page. Zwebwatch reaches out to any URL you designate and compares the last page it saw there to the current one and tells you if there have been any changes.

This is one of the few widgets that are both dazzling and useful. SlothCam monitors any JPEG-based webcam image on the Web. Just plug in the URL of a traffic cam, for example, and you can know at a glance what I95 traffic is like before leaving for the airport. Or use one of the default locations to watch Times Square or the panda cage at the San Diego Zoo.


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