Fun Holiday’s are fast approaching…

I have quite a bit of fun with holiday’s. So much so that I’m easily offended when July comes around and all you can find are Christmas displays. Meanwhile, come October there’s a very small section in the back of the store for Halloween based items. I like Halloween, I go crazy for everything from Candy to Halloween Costumes. I love to be the house on the block that goes nuts with decorations and candy for the kids. Seeing all of the little super-heros and princesses walking around just tickles me.

Costume CauldronPPP Tonight I came across, they’re the equivalent of a Halloween super store, in my mind at least. They aren’t limited to Halloween though, they’re also a costume store in general, this naturally includes theatrical costumes as well.

As a larger woman, I always have trouble finding costumes so naturally I look in the Wigs sections first. I instantly found a really cute purple one that I’m considering buying for Halloween this year. It’s only $20, which is surprising considering how interesting it is. I’ve always kind of wanted to dye my hair the same way, maybe I’ll be able to test out the wig and get a feel for the colors – heh.

Sean already informed me that there aren’t many kids in the area that time of year so there really won’t be any kind of a need for excess decoration. He also went on to tell me that we’re heading to Ohio to go to a Haunted House that he absolutely loved. I think we should pick up some costumes before we go, just to get involved in the whole nostalgia of the Holiday itself!


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