Free Advertising: Mailing Lists

An important aspect to any business is keeping in touch with your clients. I personally keep everyone in my address book but I’ve found that keeping a Mailing List of your addresses works great if you’re running special promotions, even from clients you hadn’t heard from in a while.

If you run a website that’s based on static pages, more than likely you aren’t going to need much updating throughout the year. However, with the new near comes new ideas and naturally you’d like to pep up your page. I’ve used systems like mailing lists to insure that the clients know exactly where to go for all of their current and future website needs. This brings in some extra money, especially in the design field. Having a happy client means having a repeat client, so naturally you’re going to make it a point to do everything you can in order to keep them content with the design/programming work that you’re doing for them.

I’m lucky to be expanding my business to include PHP programming for both large and small websites. Sean has hopped on board, and now I can use my mailing list to get in touch with all of those clients that needed to turn to outside scripts in order to maintain their sites because I, unfortunately, couldn’t write it for them. It’s a nifty form of free advertising that’s worked out pretty well.


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