Feed Reader for RSS and Social Networking?

Today I signed up for a site named Spokeo. The website itself is a reader for social networks and RSS feeds. I signed up because I’m sick of the RSS reader I’m currently using at the moment and figured I’d give this one a shot considering I’m able to view it wherever I am, as opposed to only accessing the files from my desktop.

PPPAfter signing up I poked around for a little while and loaded a few of my daily feeds into my database. It’s instantly reading them all and I was shocked at how quickly it pinged the sites. The difference between this site and the others I’ve used in the past is not only can you import your RSS feeds but you can even load social networking buddies in as well. It’s kind of one-stop-shopping, so to speak. I set myself up to be notified on a daily basis of all new feeds, the same way some of my feed subscriptions currently work. So at the moment until I can change things around I’ll be getting two emails a day when blogs are updated as opposed to just the one. This doesn’t bother me too much though, it’s all kicked to it’s own special feed folder either way.

PPPThis site makes it easy for you to stay up to date with all of your friends blogs, photos, videos and even music. Spokeo notifies you when a friend writes a new blog or posts a new photo. You can easily see this on your buddy list as well. The benefit to using this site is that you’ll no longer visit sites with old content. You don’t need to sift through the old stuff to find interesting things to read and as someone who goes through about 100+ sites a day with the feeds I have burned into my previous reader, this site is definetly one big perk that I would recommend to anyone.

As far as I can see, it’s completely free. Registration was instant, all they require from you is an email address and your password. Once the verification email is sent the rest is basically point and click. You can add as many feeds as you want from not only blogs but social networking sites as well. It’s worth checking out, and I highly recommend that you do.


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